About Tef Poe

Kareem Jackson, better known by his stage name Tef Poe (short for Teflon Poetix), is an American rapper, musician, and activist from St. Louis, Missouri.

Through his uncompromising poetic rhymes and lyrical delivery, emcee Tef Poe, is proving to the music industry that he is heir to the throne.

Tef harbors the quintessence of a natural artist and entertainer. He proposed his growth garnering a reputation for being one of St. Louis’ elite battle rappers affording him numerous hip hop awards such as Lyricist of the Year from the Evening Whirl.

Tef is one of the co-founders of the Hands Up United movement.

Tef has consistently advocated grass-roots involvement in improving the lives of African Americans and in racial justice within and outside the United States. In his art and activism, he insists on the value of local people taking charge of conversations about their own communities rather than relying on national organizations. In an interview, he explained,

And all too often, these conversations are intellectualized and moved completely away from the people who aren’t allowed to come into the rooms and intellectualize the different theories surrounding racism. But they did show up in the middle of the street on West Florissant when a militarized police force was encroaching on their neighbors. So many people in pop culture are speaking out now, but they are not speaking in terms of an all-out need for a political revolution in America for Black people.